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About Us

JOINT STUDIO is an integrative design studio, led by Founder and Design Principal Nimisha Sharma. The studio was incepted in April 2016, as a Spatial Design practice that specializes in Interior and Lifestyle Product Design.

A holistic design studio that follows a design process guided by ergonomics, aesthetics and emotions.

We believe in providing design solutions that not only cater to the needs of our customers,

but also create a space that enhances their quality of life.”

- Nimisha 




The Founder

Nimisha is an Accessory Design graduate from NIFT Delhi, with a Masters in Interior Design from Italy. Driven by her keenness in understanding the human psyche and her appreciation for nature, she and her team work towards creating sustainable living spaces and enriching experiences.

“The memory of any place one visits, is created by the emotions felt in that place. Here at Joint Studio, we don’t just create spaces, we create experiences.”

- Nimisha

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